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All Slates come with bread, crackers, pickles, chutney and seasonal garnish.
Gluten free bread baked to order. Please state any other allergies at time of order.

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Slate for One

Your choice of any 3 options from below.


Slate for Two

Choose any 3 Cheeses 
& any 2 Meats/Pâté/Pies.


Slate for Four

Choose any 6 Cheeses
 & any 4 Meats/Pâté/Pies.


All Slates come with bread, crackers, pickles, chutney and seasonal garnish.
G - Contains Gluten
V - Vegeterian
UP - unpasturised



Mauls 24 Month - V

Black Bomber - V

Oak Smoked

Guest Cheese

Manchego - 11 Month - UP

Villa Truffo - V


Kaltbach - V

Book & Bucket Hardys - V

Wensleydale & Cranberry


Reblochon - UP


Maul's House Brie - V

Brillat Savarin


Roquefort - UP

Maul's House Blue Cheese - V

Mountain Gorgonzola

Goats & Sheep

Rosary Garlic - V

Buchette Honey - V

Buchette Fleurs - V




Olives - V


Bread - V

with Oil & Balsamic

Pitta & Houmous - V

Cherry Stuffed Peppers


Extra Portions

All Extra Portions of Cheese, Meat, Pâté or Fish are


extra per portion

Extra Bread & Crackers



Wagyu Beef Salami

Fennel & Garlic Salami

Grande Reserva Beef

Sardinian Prosciutto

Smoked Duck Breast

Lamb Prosciutto

Lonza (Pork)

Boar Prosciutto

Venison & Green Peppercorn Salami


Venison & Chilli

Chicken Liver & Cointreau & Orange

Chicken Liver & Port & Hazelnut

Duck & Apricot & Apricot Brandy

Pâté Moi Mushroom Pâté – V


Squealer Pork Pie

Squealer Chicken & Ham Pork Pie

Our cheese and meat selections have been hand-picked from the finest local, UK and international produce, catering for a wide range of tastes. This means your slate can be individualised for your personal preferences. Maul’s also offers some delectable nibbles to enjoy whilst your slate is being prepared, from olives to vine leaves and plenty more in-between.

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