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All Slates come with bread, crackers, pickles, chutney and seasonal garnish.
Please state any allergies at time of ordering.

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Slate for Two

Choose any 3 Cheeses 
& any 2 Meats, Pâté or Fish


Slate for Four

Choose any 6 Cheeses
 & any 4 Meats, Pâté or Fish


All Slates come with bread, crackers, pickles, chutney and seasonal garnish. Spring/Summer items below available from 6th May 2022
G - Contains Gluten
V - Vegeterian
UP - unpasturised



Mauls 24 Month - V

Black Bomber - V

Guest Cheeses

Trethowan Caerphilly - UP

Manchego Old - (18-24 Month) - UP

Truffle Manchego - UP

Grande Comte (36-42 month) - UP

Schlossberger - UP

Queen Bee Porcini - V (Coming Soon)


Maul's House Brie - V

Reblochon - UP

Brillat Savarin

Buchette Honey - V


Olavidia **

(**World Cheese Charge Extra £1.00 when selected)


Fresca Margarita

Wild Garlic Curd - V

Blue Cheese

Montagnolo - V

Yorkshire Blue - V

Buffalo Blue - V

Mrs Bells Blue - V

Northern Blue - V




Olives - V


Bread - V

with Oil & Balsamic

Pitta & Houmous - V

Cherry Stuffed Peppers - V


Extra Portions

All Extra Portions of Cheese, Meat, Pâté, Fish


extra per portion

Extra Bread & Crackers


Sliced Meat Slate (20 slices of hand picked charcuterie)



Teruel Shoulder

Gran Reserva Serrano

Fennel & Garlic Salami

Fore Loin

Water Buffalo Salami

Mangalitza Ham

Tavaillon in Plum Brandy


Boar Pate

Welsh Dragon Pate



Peat Smoked Salmon

Smoked Trout

Brown Crab Meat

Maul’s Plateau de fruits de mer

Includes the following:

500g Dressed Lobster, 2 Dressed Crabs, 18 Shell on King Prawns, 200g Smoked Salmon Trims, 100g Kiln, 200g Anchovies, Smoked Mackerel Pate, 280g Crayfish whole


Terms and conditions apply - ask for more details

Our cheese, meat and fish selections have been hand-picked from the finest local, UK and international producers, catering for a wide range of tastes. This means your slate can be individualised for your personal preferences. Maul’s also offers some delectable nibbles to enjoy whilst your slate is being prepared, from olives to anchovies and plenty more in-between.

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