Maul's Wine and Cheese Bar

The home of Wine and Cheese for Salisbury 🍷🧀

Cheese & Charcuterie

Maul’s is famous in Salisbury for its Cheese and Charcuterie Slates. Choose from selected artisanal produce from the UK, France, Switzerland and beyond. Every Slate is accompanied by seasonal garnish, artisanal bread and crackers and our famous array of edible flowers and leaves.

Slate for 1 : Any mixed 3 options from either cheese, charcuterie and fish boards £20.00

Slate for 2 : Any 3 options from the cheese board and 2 mixed options from the Charcuterie and fish boards. £30.00

Slate for 4 : Any 6 options from the cheese board and 4 mixed options from the Charcuterie and fish boards. £40.00

Cheese Board


Mauls 24 Month Vintage Cheddar V

Mauls 24 Month Smoked Cheddar V


Comte 18-24 Month up

The Cheese with No Name V

Snowdonia Red Devil v

Val Doc Pure Ewe

Wiltshire Loaf V

Ewe with Black Garlic

Canterbury Cobble V UP

Gouda Villa Rosso UP

Mimolette 12 Month UP

Cave Aged Manchego up

Organic Buffalo Cheese

Ramsey V UP


Brillat Savarin

Garlic & Pepper Soft Curd V

Mauls House Brie v

Ellie’s Herb V

Helford Sunrise v


Brinkworth Blue V

Buffalo Blue v

Cabrales UP

Charcuterie Board


Mangalitza Ham

Spiced Coppa

Gran Reserva Serrano Ham

Salt & Pepper Salami

Fennel & Garlic Salami

Cecina Smoked Beef

Lomo (Pork Loin)

Smoked Chicken Breast


Chicken Liver pâté with Cognac

Fish Board

Hot Roast Smoked Salmon Fillet*

*Fillets will carry a £2.00 suppliment charge and our 90g-100g in weight on average


Olives (Plain) Ve

Bread with Oil & Aged Balsamic Ve

Feta Stuffed Peppers

Pitta & Houmous Ve

(All nibbles are £3.75 each)


Extra portions from either the Cheese, Charcuterie or Fish Boards are £3.75 each

Extra Bread & Cracker basket is £2.50 each

Brinkworth Salted Butter is £1.00 per portion

Extra Aged Balsamic Vinegar is £2.00 each

Extra Oil Portion is £2.00 each

Maul's Exclusive Chutney Range Portion is £2.00 each

Artisan Cannolis

These imported treats from Sicily are the perfect little dessert. All flavours are Gluten Free and made from a variety of nuts. They are £2.00 each. our current flavours include:


White Chocolate

Salted Caramel



Food Standards Agency Allergen KEY

 V - Vegetarian Rennet

UP - Unpasteurised

VE - Vegan